Movies as Historical Fact

“I just saw the movie Lincoln and Congress _hated_ each other then.”


The Affluent Gain Access to ‘Special’ Information

If you were starting a business venture, it would sure be nice to see what terms competitors had with their leases and investors.

A close friend who is in the 1% gains access to information that the non-1% don’t just by the relationships he keeps.

It’s not always clear if the information is above- or below-the-table but, regardless, it’s an advantage that he has that others may not have.

Maybe he believes he is entitled to the information because he believes others use the same methods to gain such information and thus he would be at a competitive disadvantage.

I don’t think he would be comfortable discussing this in an objective manner or I would find out.

The Rich are Charitable People

Gary Kaminsky of CNBS is really sucking up the the wealthy.

Today he states flat out that the wealthy are ‘charitable people’ and that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid should stop attacking them.

And Gary is considering corporate entities also as ‘charitable people’ since Pelosi and Reid are addressing the top 2% of incomes regardless of human person or the corporate entity type.

Gary forgets that the wealthy have the means to be charitable by definition.

Besides, if the wealthy are so charitable maybe they don’t mind giving some of it up to subsidize Congress’s Xmas vacation by making a voluntary contribution.